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ACRONYMS - Akronymy z oblasti UAS


zkratka                 význam                                                                             český překlad/ ekvivalent

ACA   -  Airspace Control Authority -
ACC   -  Air Component Command
ACCS  -  Air Command and Control System
ACO -  A llied Command Operations
ACO    -  Air Coordination Order
ACT   -  Allied Command Transformation
ADS-B   -  Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast
AEW&C   -  Airborne Early Warning and Control
AGL    -   Above Ground Level
AGS    -  Alliance Ground Surveillance
AGSIO    -  AGS Implementation Office
AI   -  Air Interdiction
Ain  -  Anti Intrusion
AIS   -  Automated Identification System
AJCN   -   Adaptive Joint C4ISR Node
ALTBMD  -  Active Layered Theare Ballistic Missile Defence
ANFS  -  Assured Naval Fire Support
AOI   -  Area of Interest
AP   - Air Policing
APCTS  - Assured Precision Counter Terrorism Strike
APS   - Assured Precision Strike
AS    -  Airborne Surveillance
ASFAO  -  Anti Surface Fighter Air Operations
ASM    -  Airspace Management
ASOC   -  Air Sovereignty Operations Centre
ASuW  -  Anti Surface Warfare
ASW   -  Anti Submarine Warfare
ATC   -  Air Traffic Control
ATO  - Air Tasking Order
AWACS  -  Airborne Warning and Control System
BACN   -  Battlefield Airborne Communications Node
BAMS   -  Broad Area Maritime Surveillance
BDA     -  Battle Damage Assessment
BLOS   -  Beyond Line-of-Sight
BP  - Border Patrol
C2 - Command and Control
C2ISR  - Command, Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
C4I    - Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence
C4ISR   - Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence,                 Surveillance, and Reconnaissance                                                                                                C4ISTAR         - Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance,
Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
CAOC  -  Combined Air Operations Centre 24 JAPCC | UAS Conemp Report | 2010
CAP  - Combat Air Patrol
CAS   - Close Air Support
CBRNE   - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or high yield Explosive
CJSOR    - Combined + Joint Statement of Requirements
CM    - Counter Mining
CNAD   - Conference of National Armaments Directors
COE     - Centre of Excellence
COIN    - Counter Insurgency
CONOPS  - Concept of Operations
CP   - Counter Piracy
CS   - Civil Support
CSA R    -  Combat Search and Rescue
C2  - Command and Control
DARB   - Daily Asset Reconnaissance Board
DCA     - Defensive Counter Air
DCPD    - Direction, Collection, Processing and Dissemination
DOTML PF   - Doctrine, Organisation, Training, Materiel,
Leaders hip, Personnel, and Facilities                                                                                               DPQ - Defence Planning Questionnaire
DRR  - Defence Requirements Review
EA  - Electronic Attack
ECM  -  Electronic Counter Measures
EMI  - Electromagnetic Impulse
EMI   - Electromagnetic Interference
EO   - Electro-Optical
EW    -  Electronic Warfare
FAA  - Federal Aviation Administration
FINAS   - Flight in Non-Segregated Air Space
FMSC  - Frequency Management Sub-Committee
FMV   - Full Motion Video
FP   - Force Protection
F2T2EA  - Find, Fix, Track, Target, Engage, Assess
GCS   - Ground Control Station
GMTI - Ground Moving Target Indicator
GPS  - Global Positioning System
HALE  - High Altitude Long Endurance
HD    - Homeland Defence (or hight density)
HP   - Harbour Protection
HVT - High Value Target
IC2DL  - Interoperable Command and Control Data Link
ICC  - Integrated Command and Control
IFC  - Intelligence Fusion Centre
IO  - International Organisation
IR  -  Infra-Red
ISAR  - Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar JAPCC | UAS Conemp Report | 2010 25
ISR  - Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
ISRD  - ISR Division
ISTAR  - Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance
ITU  - International Telecommunications Union
IW   -  Irregular Warfare
JAPCC  - Joint Air Power Competence Centre
JCGUAV  - Joint Capabilities Group on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
JFACC   - Joint Forces Air Component Commander
JFC   - Joint Forces Command
JOA   - Joint Operations Area
JSTARS  - Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
LCC    -  Land Component Command
LIDAR   - Light Detection and Ranging
LOAM  - Laser Obstacle Avoidance Monitoring
LOI   - Levels of Interoperability
LOS  - Line-of-Sight
LRE  - Launch and Recovery Element
LRF/D - Laser Range Finder and/or Laser Designator
LTCR   -  Long Term Capabilities Requirements
MAJIIC  -  Multi-sensor Aerospace-ground Joint ISR Interoperability Coalition
MALE   - Medium Altitude Long Endurance
MC   -  Military Committee
MCASB  - Military Committee Air Standardization Board
MCC - Maritime Component Command
MCM  - Mine Counter Measures
MCO  - Major Combat Operations
MET  - Mission Essential Task
METOC  - Meteorological and Oceanographic Condition
MIO  - Maritime Interdiction Operations
MMTI  - Maritime Moving Target Indicator
MSA  - Maritime Situational Awareness
MUM   - Manned-Unmanned Integration
NACMA  -  NATO ACCS Management Agency
NADC  - NATO Air Defence Committee
NAGSPO  - NATO AGS Programme Office
NATO  - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NC3A  - NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency
NC3B  -  NATO Consultation, Command and Control Board
NEC  CCIS  - Northern European Command,Command and Control Information System
NEO - Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation
NGO  - Non-Governmental Organisations
NIIA  - NATO ISR Interoperability Architecture 26 JAPCC |UAS Conemp Report | 2010           NLW - Non-lethal warfare
NRF  - NATO Response Force
NSA  - NATO Standardization Agency
OCA  -  Offensive Counter Air
PCC  - Prague Capabilities Commitments
PDS  - Planning/Decision Support
PEO  - Peace Enforcing Operations
P-ISR - Persistent ISR Collection
PK  - Peace Keeping
PoS  - Protection of Shipping
PR  - Personal recovery
PSO  - Peace Support Operations
PSYOP  - Psychological Operations
RF  - Radio Frequency
RI  - Renegade Interdiction
ROZ  - Restricted Operating Zone
RMP - Recognised Maritime Picture
RPV  - Remotely Piloted Vehicle
RSO  - Remote Split Operations
RSTA   - Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition
SAMon  - Sensitive Area Monitoring
SAR  - Synthetic Aperture Radar
SATCOM  - Satellite Communication
SAVDS  - Sense-and-Avoid Display System
SEAD   - Suppression of Enemy Air Defence
SESAR - Single European Sky
SIGINT  - Signals Intelligence
SOF   - Special Operations Forces
SOG - Special Oparation Group                                                                                                        SPINS  - Special Instructions
STANAG  -  Standardization Agreement
TBD  - To Be Determined
TCDL/CDL   - Tactical Common Data Link/Common Data Link
TST  - Time-Sensitive Target
TTP - Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
UA   - Unmanned Aircraft
UAS  - Unmanned Aircraft Systems
UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UCAS - Unmanned Combat Aircraft System
UCAV -  Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle
UCS  -  UAV Control Systems
UGV  - Unmanned Ground Vehicle
UHF  - Ultrahigh Frequency
UN  - United Nations
USSV  - Unmanned Sea Surface Vehicle
USV  - Unmanned Surface Vehicle
UUV  - Unmanned Undersea Vehicle
UWW  - Under Water Warfare  JAPCC | UAS Conemp Report | 2010 27



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